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Beauty Industry Trends To Look Out For In Charlotte In 2022



North Carolina is home to 6,878 beauty salons. Many of these are located in Charlotte, where residents take beauty seriously. For these spas and salons to survive in 2022, they have to be able to spot trends early. Doing so helps businesses adapt to the changing demands of Charlotte-based consumers. Moreover, it stops them from falling behind the competition and being seen as an outdated brand with no understanding of modern beauty standards. With that in mind, what are some of the beauty trends that experts expect to see in Charlotte this year? Here are the three top beauty trends for 2022 that salons and spas need to get on top of.

The Continued Rise of Natural Products

Beauty trends are being driven by Generation Z customers. Their behavior is a good predictor of where the market will go in the coming years. With that in mind, we can assume that beauty brands in Charlotte should prioritize natural and organic products. That's because 83% of Gen Z customers already purchase natural and organic products. They're looking for beauty treatments that are free from chemicals, not tested on animals, and full of natural botanical ingredients. They certainly shouldn't contain any microplastics that will end up in the oceans. Natural skincare is particularly popular but all other products are going down this route.

Hygienic, Antibacterial Treatments

In recent weeks, COVID-19 positive test rates have topped 20% in Charlotte- a record high. This is why paying extra attention to hygiene and sanitation is a must for beauty businesses. When looking for a salon or med spa Charlotte should be your area of choice as it's where establishments prioritize the health and safety of their customers. Also, extra measures are being taken to ensure that treatments are hygienic. Staff are required to wear personal protective equipment, such as filter face masks and gloves, and tools are disinfected using UV light. Furthermore, 2022 will see a rise in antibacterial ingredients in everything from shampoo to face cream, and staff at spas and salons are expected to use these products when administering treatments. 

Ethical Transparency

In 2022, experts predict that the moral foundation of a brand will matter more than ever. It's already the case that 92% of beauty customers  will be loyal to a brand with social awareness and eco-friendly credentials. Charlotte is already a leader in the campaign against climate change. Much of this is due to local government policy but the change has to be led by consumer opinion. The city has seen extreme weather in recent years, leading many now ready to take the environment seriously. In 2022, beauty brands without an ethical drive may struggle to grow.

Despite the challenges, the beauty industry is thriving in Charlotte. Spas and salons remain open and are doing everything they can to give customers the confidence to visit them again. Hygiene and disinfection are important parts of this puzzle but beauty trends span far beyond this. Led by Gen Z consumers, beauty brands need to jump on the latest trends. These include a move towards products that are more natural, ethical, and eco-friendly. If beauty brands in Charlotte can adopt the three values listed above, then they should enjoy a fruitful year of operating in this amazing city.