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Beantown vs Crowntown

Saturday, November 24



If the Charlotte Bobcats manage a win tonight, it'll be a miracle. Even without taking into account the Bobcats' inconsistencies and recent sidelines, the real threat comes from within the Boston Celtics camp. The teaming of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett (yummy) and Ray Allen has been described as unstoppable. Already, the "Big Three" have managed a 3-0 record against some pretty good teams, including the Allen Iverson/Carmelo Anthony-led Denver Nuggets. Emeka & Co. had better bring their "A" game with a side of perfect scoring to roll over this group. It's not an impossible feat. Let's just say all the Charlotte fans will "keep hope alive." 7 p.m. $10-$85. Charlotte Bobcats Arena, 333 E. Trade St. 704-522-6500.


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