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Bartenders and bachelors

The ideal Valentine


On Valentine's Day, while practically every restaurant in town was more crowded than an Uptown bar on Saturday night, the bars hosting anti-Valentines Day parties had their own crowds. Case in point: Buckhead Saloon's "Shred Your Ex" with 96.1 The Beat. Bitter singles made their ex-files into stand up comedy routines while DJ Mayor spun beats that kept the mood upbeat.

Post ex-bash, I went to LaVecchia's and it seemed as though rather than smoking or non-smoking, the restaurant was divided into singles and non-singles. I was at a four top in the singles section (the bar area) sipping on martinis with three of my best girl friends. I later traveled to the Back Court bar at the Bobcats game against the Chicago Bulls. The Bobcats actually won, so at least cupid struck them with some luck ... er, love.

If all else failed ...

Last Saturday was the Guys and Dolls Charity Auction at the Convention Center where the bachelors came with large packages ... date packages that is. Your hosts, Matt and Ramona (as in the show) were on hand to pimp out the 27 bachelors and bachelorettes on sale to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. A donation bought you good karma, as well as a guy or a doll who came with batting practice with the Yankees, a tour of the Biltmore Estate, and other prizes. The higgest bidder was for Drew Carter who went for $4,000.

Open Bar Galore

Bartender's Ball is perhaps Charlotte's biggest annual party with over 20 bars (with open bars) setting up elaborate displays like an alcoholic information fair. Two thousand or so guests were dancing, taking ice luges, and toasting to benefit Kids First of the Carolinas.

Club Tempo was serving Patrone from their reefa-themed booth and asked patrons to sign a petition to have Bob Marley's birthday become a national holiday. The Budweiser booth was introducing their new fruity alcoholic beverage Peels. Fort Cans was serving mojitos from their military-themed booth, and The Men's Club was serving eggs benedict with a side of Grey Goose. But the biggest spectacle, the belle of the ball if you will, was the preview of Alley Cat, a rock 'n' roll bar coming soon to a nightlife near you. And Two Guys and a Ride were there to transport the influx of drunks home; they even had their own booth serving up information on drinking and driving -- and why you shouldn't.

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