Band of Horses

When: Fri., May 10 2013

BAND OF HORSES Singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell and company have honed the reverb and experimentation of earlier records into harmony-drenched countrified rock with their latest outing, Mirage Rock, produced by the legendary knob twirler Glyn Johns. The songs are taut, but feel easy and flow at a nicely paced tempo, taking time to expand and meld with Bridwell’s surprisingly hypnotic voice. The South Carolina-based band (they paid their dues in Seattle and did a couple of records for Sub Pop) deconstructs Americana with a hazy vibe and sweet harmonies (think Simon and Garfunkel, CSNY) with guitars that shimmer as well as twang. The band brings its brand of ’70s-influenced folk-rock to town for a two-night stand.

Samir Shukla