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Band Against Bullies


Who is Band Against Bullies?

We are Sons, Fathers, Grandfathers, and Uncles … Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunts

We are united with these goals:

· To raise awareness about bullying by showing children, through Charity Rides and education, that they are not alone.

· To teach others to learn how to speak up when seeing bullying happening and not to just let it happen.

· To understand why some, grow up to be bullies and how they need to be heard, helped, and hopefully change their ways.

This is not about acting in a negative, or vengeful way, but with positive and loving attitudes.

Our goal is to ride through cities on designated days when we will journey into neighborhoods on our motorcycles, old trucks, minivans and more to let all children in those communities know they have so much more support than they ever thought existed. We have amazing sponsorship from local businesses and communities that we never considered possible!

We will always end each ride at a local restaurant, or business, that is supporting our cause! There will be shirts, patches, and other goodies for sale.  All proceeds will go towards the funding of what we call the “B.A.B. Initiative” program.



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