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B of A S.O.L.

What do you think Bank of America's illegal activities and their $675 million fine will do to Charlotte's image?

Joey Vicenzo
Automotive Parts Store Manager
"I'm worried that people will start to think of us as a city of crooks rather than one of nice, green lawns with lush carpets of beautiful fescue."

Marianne Pearson
"Image? I'll tell you something about an image: those thieves gypped my husband and me out of mutual fund money we deserved. The image I wanna see is of Ken Lewis busting rocks in a striped suit."

Sarah K. Herman
Accounts Payable Supervisor
"I don't know but I have to say I am concerned about whether the bank will still be able to pay those people in India who took my husband's job away."

Terry J. Oswald
"What image?"

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