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Aug. 31 -- Sept. 6, 2006



The Virgin: (Aug. 22 -- Sept. 22)

You will be happier if you release the anger that has occupied your attention for a time. If you haven't resolved it by now, you probably won't. Rehashing isn't useful. Give attention to your relationship and look for something to freshen the spark.

For All Signs We have a major opposition of Saturn and Neptune on Aug. 31. We are in the heat of a cosmic battle between cold reality and the struggle to hold onto our ideals. Anyone with a bit of power appears to be bullying whomever they can. It's ironic that we are struggling with tribal warfare among sects. Why do we fight about oil, religion, stem cells and unborn babies? None of it will be meaningful to future generations if we have no clean water, no clear air to breathe. All this dynamic emotional energy could be so much more effective if we would tackle the genuine global realities that face us. Nero fiddles.

Aries Aspects suggest that it is time to let go of a desire or way of being that just doesn't work anymore. This may not be monumental. It could be a particular diet or method of exercise. Letting go is needed so you can move on in a more productive direction.

Taurus You have positive energies in the territories of romance, home and family. If you need assistance at this time, just ask -- help will arrive right away. This is a excellent time to restore yourself and have a self-talk about the good things that you will do over the next several months.

Gemini Your mind races this week and things happen in a hurry. It is possible that great insights may dawn upon you now. But, you may be skipping over details that need to be carefully planned. Take the broad brush strokes and go back later to fill in the details with care.

Cancer You are doing your very best at maintaining an optimistic and faithful attitude. Others around you are generally irritable and they want you to do something about it. If the aggravation seems contagious, pour some energy into your work/exercise routine.

Leo Oh, whoops! There is a surprise upon you. It comes from the territory that features corporate/joint finances, sexual relations, taxes, accidents or word of someone's crossing. Make changes where it is possible -- otherwise ask your spirit to give you strength to accept the unchangeable.

Libra Your communications are deep and to the point at this time. There may be a few who don't want to hear what you say. It is likely that they wish to deny the truth rather than cope with honesty. If you use your usual tact, you can offer healing to others via your words.

Scorpio This may be a good time to take a step back from a friendship and let the air clear. Some may want to drop out of participation in organizational activities. Sometimes people and things in our lives just use too much energy for their value. Situations that are more engaging will fill the hole quickly.

Sagittarius Your relationships with authority figures and others with whom you work will be particularly good this week. Your optimistic frame of mind will serve to help everyone do a better job and to have more fun while accomplishing it. Communications in general are flowing and favorable.

Capricorn In a sense, this is D-Day for Capricorn. Saturn, as your planetary ruler, has been creeping up to an opposition to Neptune all summer. It has been a project to hold both hope and reality in the same space in your mind. But of all the signs, a Capricorn has what it takes to succeed.

Aquarius Here we are. A truth is right in front of you and there is no way around it. This has been building slowly, so it comes as no real surprise. It is probably a relief that you don't have to protect yourself from the reality anymore. Dragging around defense mechanisms can be so wearing.

Pisces You may be irritable, edgy and nervous this week. News may come your way that causes this upset. We all lean toward preserving security, often into ruts. However, you have a need for change, and the experiences of this week give clues about where your changes need to happen.

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