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Fake questions, real answers



Q: Have you received any strange instant messages lately?

A: As a matter of fact, some unknown IMer sent me the weirdest message last week. (And keep in mind, this is totally unedited, aside from changing the guy's screenname to protect his identity.) Check it out:

"whiteslave1234: Sir i have been made to live under strict Black supervision and rules. i am being made to live the way i am now living because Master R. and Mistress S. own me and are training me for living a permanently black owned life. When asked my name by any Black person I must say my name is whiteslave1234 and must say i am sorry for not bowing to serve the Black race sooner and for not submitting to a BLACK OWNED LIFE. Master R. and Mistress S. want other Blacks to know another white learned its place and will live only a black owned life. i am cock caged chastisted 24/7 since Feb. have no rights and when am locked down owners have a monitor camera on so Black people can inspect monitor me. I must say this to all black men and women to show my inferiority."

Weird, eh? But the real question is, how did this idiot get my IM name?

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