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Q: What do think about taco carts in the Q.C.?

A: Yo, I love our local taco carts. You know, those mobile kitchens you see around Charlotte that cook and sell tacos and other Latino-flavored foods?

I live off South Boulevard (go Team Starmount!), and that area is swarming with numerous carts -- which makes it easy for me to grab tasty morsels when I feel the need.

Yeah, I love the carts -- but not everybody does. Recently I've been hearing about efforts by local groups to put limits on where and when the taco carts operate. Some folks are saying that the carts attract a criminal element and that they generate a good deal of noise.

I, however, have never really noticed excessive noise or crime near the carts on South Boulevard. And, honestly, the backlash against the carts -- which are generally operated by Hispanics -- smacks of racism.

We're constantly hearing about the evils of illegal immigration in Charlotte, but here we have a group of citizens trying to make a legal living and still people complain.

To the folks who have a problem with taco carts, here's my advice: Take a chill pill and grab a chorizo burrito with extra cilantro.

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