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Q: It says on the cover that this issue of CL features a lot of new stuff. Is that true?

A: Of course it's true. I mean, we wouldn't lie to you. We're journalists for God's sake! Yes this issue features a bunch of new stuff. We've crammed new columns and departments in almost every section in the paper:

• See & Do offers up Coming Attractions. We killed Cheap Thrills and replaced it with teases to Charlotte-area events happening in the not-too-distant future.

• Fallout is home to Brand Spankin' New -- short news stories that introduce new Q.C.-based businesses, organizations and institutions.

• In Arts you'll find Comic Proportions, our new comic book review column (written by yours truly.)

• And in Vibes, we've got a new music column called Turn On, Tune In, which is penned by CL's music editor Jeff Hahne.

• In addition, we're also unleashing our new photo section called The Scene.

Want more new stuff? Check back next issue!

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