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Scurry In A Hurry

When I meet a man, I like to get to know him over the phone for a week. If things go well, I'll date him the following week. After several more weeks, I assume we're boyfriend and girlfriend. The problem is, guys never seem to use those words at that stage. Is there a right time to introduce a guy as your boyfriend? --Categorically Challenged

A trapped animal will sometimes gnaw its own limb off in a desperate attempt to get free. If you want to see a man behave like a trapped animal, call him your boyfriend when he's merely some guy you've dated a handful of times. Thankfully, most men opt for sophisticated escape tactics like Caller ID before gnawing off a limb, raccoon-style.

Why not get to know a guy before you get dead-set on keeping him? Forget categorizing him. If you have an uncategorized good time together, chances are, the uncategorized good times will continue until one person starts leaving a toothbrush at the other person's apartment. The guy has a name -- use it to introduce him. Nobody's going to furrow their brow wondering what you are to each other -- providing he isn't in the habit of putting incisors to ankle whenever you're together.

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