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Ashrei-ly Ever After

Where are all the mensch in this town?


It is common knowledge that most Jewish parents want their children to marry Jewish partners. Goyim (non-Jewish people, for you Gentiles) in the family are rarely welcomed with warm hugs and shouts of "Mazel tov!" That said, how does the modern, young, and single Jewish woman go about meeting a mensch (nice gentleman) in a town like Charlotte, without resorting to just hanging out at the Levine Jewish Community Center? Laurie Berzack seems to have found the answer with her new matchmaking service, Chai Expectations. Step One: Pop over to and submit an online application. Next step is a 45-minute face-to-face consultation. And lastly, you go on a date with a potential match. Monthly Chai Nights Happy Hours are geared toward twenty something Jewish singles. The latest will be held Thursday, Jan. 18 at Cans Bar & Canteen, 500 W. Trade St., 6:30-9 p.m. Be'hatzlacha!


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