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Bartender @ Phil's


What makes you lustworthy? I'm kinda shocked that I got chosen. I'm friendly with everybody and I get along with everybody.


Most romantic thing someone's ever done for you? My boyfriend took me to Key West for my birthday. We had [our] own little, I don't know what it's called ... breakfast house. It was really romantic down there because it was just me and him. No guy's ever done that for me.

Corniest pick-up line used on you? What's that thing people say ... "Did you fall from heaven?" or something like that. I can't remember exactly. I've heard tons. It's hard to think of the cheesiest one.

What's a deal-breaker for you? I'd have to say if he ever cheated on me. 'Cause I'm pretty patient with a lot of things. If someone cheated on me, I'd have to definitely kick him to the curb.

Best way to spend a Saturday night? Just to be around all my friends, go out and have a good time and have no drama.

Handcuffs or scarves? Hmmm ... that is very tough. 'Cause handcuffs you feel like you can't get out of and scarves are so soft. I'd have to say handcuffs. They're edgier.

Who would you vote for: Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? It's almost like there's so much things that [have] gone wrong, anybody that steps in is going to ... but I would like to see a woman President. Yeah, I'd vote for Hillary.

Last book you read? Does Cosmo count?

Last movie you enjoyed? Happy Feet. Little penguins, little Spanish penguins, dancing around. They made me laugh. Even though it was a cartoon, you're never too old to watch cartoons.

First date, third date or fifth date -- when do you put out? I have to really get to know somebody, then that's kind of my judgment then. I don't really go on one, two, three. But, it just happens, especially with the right person.

Pets? A boxer and a mastiff: Drex and Sida. Drex, I thought of [the name]. And then on the way down to the beach with boyfriend, we were trying to throw out names and like write them down; trying to mix the letters around and everything and we just still came up with that somehow.

What do you do when you're not at the bar? Either I'm shopping or going to see my nephew or hanging out with my dogs.

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Dutifully serving Charlotte's SINful desires since 2006

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