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Art Preserve Summer Abstract Show



Exhibit: Art Preserve Summer Abstract Show

Dates: Showing now through August 2

Location: The Art Preserve, 3200 North Davidson St.

Info: 704-358-8882

What is abstract art? Some people think it's just a bunch of colors splashed around a canvas, showcasing little talent while making little sense. (How many times have we heard someone say, "My 5-year-old could have done that"?) Others feel it is the language artists use to try to communicate the most basic truths of life, forgoing picture-perfect details and instead plugging into the raw emotion of color, shapes and forms. The Art Preserve gallery in NoDa would like those on both sides of the debate to come out and view their new exhibit featuring abstract art.

In this latest offering, local artists come together to offer a smorgasbord of abstract work. Artists Herb Jackson, Thom O'Connor, Linda Vista and gallery owner Jan Kinslowe unite to take the viewer on a tour of this form of artwork. View the use of color as well as the differences in technique and texture. And when you're done, ask yourself, "Could my 5-year-old really have done that?"

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