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Art Exhibit: The Dog Show



Exhibit: The Dog Show

Dates: Showing now through Aug. 31

Location: Green Rice Gallery, 451 E. 36th St.

Info: 704-344-0300 or go to

For centuries, art has captured the true essence of the world around us. Just about everything one can think of has been immortalized in art. Why should man's best friend be any different? In the Green Rice Gallery's latest show, over a dozen artists come together to showcase the many different faces of our canine companion.

The Green Rice artists featured in The Dog Show come from all over the country, with some great homegrown talent thrown in. Susan Nuttall, Bill Nelson, Jay Thompson and Dan Allegrucci bring their different tastes and styles as they present their takes on all manner of mutts.

Wander back to the days of your childhood as you stroll through the exhibit. Remember a simpler time when the only friend you needed was your pooch; the one who kept your secrets and went on adventures with you, before you had to grow up and enter the real world with work and responsibilities.

The Dog Show is a great way to spend a day admiring our favorite, furry, four-legged companions.

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