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ART: A Summer Garden (In the Middle of Winter) and Collages

Monday, Jan. 18



Two very different exhibitions can currently be found at Jerald Melberg Gallery. The first, titled A Summer Garden (In the Middle of Winter), features colorfully abstract paintings by New York artist Alan Gussow. Just take one look at his "Summer Blossoms" (pictured) and you might start raving about the beauty encompassed in the painting. However, the other exhibition, The Paris Collages, strikes a different kind of chord, and it's not as estatic. North Carolina native Rick Horton's collages are a little gloomy, yet intriguing. You can't help zooming in to catch a read of the fine print. Continues through Feb. 20. Jerald Melberg Gallery, 625 South Sharon Amity Rd. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 704-365-3000.


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