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Archive of past winners



1987: Bob Croghan

1988: Steve Umberger

1989: Terry Loughlin

1990: George Brown and Steve Umberger

1991: Jill Bloede and Tom Vance

1992: Mark Woods

1993: Alan Poindexter

1994: Janet Isenhart and Dan Shoemaker

1995: Michael Vance

1996: Alan Poindexter, Eric Winkenwerder, Keith Martin, and Steve Umberger

1997: Dennis Delamar

1998: Jim Gloster

1999: Candace Sorensen and Daina Giesler

2000: April Jones and Ed Gilweit

2001: Anne Lambert, James Yost, and John Hartness

2002: April Jones and Julie Janorschke

2003: Stan Peal and Lon Bumgarner

2004: Chip Decker and Lon Bumgarner

2005: Alan Poindexter and Michael Simmons

2006: Elise Wilkinson and Scott Ripley

2007: Robert Lee Simmons and Alan Poindexter


1990: Lon Bumgarner

1991: Steve Umberger

1992: Alan Poindexter

1993: Steve Umberger

1994: Alan Poindexter

1995: Steve Umberger

1996: Alan Poindexter

1997: Scott Miller

1998: Steve Umberger

1999: Steve Umberger

2000: April Jones

2001: Steve Umberger

2002: April Jones

2003: Lon Bumgarner

2004: Lon Bumgarner

2005: Craig Spradley

2006: Dennis Delamar

2007: Alan Poindexter


1990: Laddy Sartin

1991: Alan Poindexter

1992: Terry Loughlin

1993: Brian Robinson

1994: Mark Sutton

1995: Scott Helm

1996: Sidney Horton

1997: Graham Smith

1998: Josh Gaffga

1999: Dennis Delamar

2000: Billy Ensley

2001: Duke Ernsberger

2002: Mark Scarboro

2003: Joseph Baez

2004: Brian Robinson

2005: Hank West

2006: Billy Ensley

2007: Robert Lee Simmons


1990: Rebecca Koon

1991: Susan Marrash-Minnerly

1992: Rebecca Koon

1993: Kristina Wright

1994: Mary Lucy Bivins

1995: Mary Lucy Bivins

1996: Jill Bloede

1997: Gina Stewart

1998: Barbi Van Schaick

1999: Angela Bennett Holley

2000: Elisha Minter

2001: Sheila Snow

2002: Nicia Carla

2003: Beth Pierce

2004: Nicia Carla

2005: Susan Roberts Knowlson

2006: Zillah Glory

2007: Tonya McClellan


1987: George M!, CPCC Summer Theatre

1988: Through the Looking Glass, Children's Theatre

1989: A Walk in the Woods, Charlotte Rep

1990: The Illuminati, Innovative Theatre

1991: Burn This, Charlotte Rep/Playworks

1992: Malice Aforethought, Charlotte Rep

1993: Falsettos, Charlotte Rep

1994: Oleanna, Charlotte Rep

1995: Ruthless!, Vance Theatrical Organization

1996: Angels in America, Charlotte Rep

1997: Ramona Quimby, Children's Theatre

1998: Valley Song, Charlotte Rep

1999: Children of Eden, CPCC Summer Theatre

2000: Boundless Grace, Children's Theatre

2001: Anton in Show Business, Actor's Theatre

2002: The Misanthrope, Charlotte Rep

2003: Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage, Actor's Theatre

2004: Take Me Out, Actor's Theatre

2005: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Children's Theatre

2006: I Am My Own Wife, Actor's Theatre

2007: The Pillowman, Actor's Theatre


1990 Charlotte Repertory Theatre

1991 Children's Theatre of Charlotte

1992 Innovative Theatre

1993 Charlotte Repertory Theatre

1994 Innovative Theatre

1995 Children's Theatre of Charlotte

1996 Charlotte Repertory Theatre

1997 Children's Theatre of Charlotte

1998 Charlotte Repertory Theatre

1999 Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

2000 Children's Theatre of Charlotte

2001 Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

2002 BareBones Theatre Group

2003 Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

2004 Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

2005 Children's Theatre of Charlotte

2006 Actor's Theatre of Charlotte

2007 Carolina Actors Studio Theatre


1987 What the Butler Saw, Charlotte Shakespeare

1988 Scapino!, Charlotte Shakespeare

1989 On the Verge, Charlotte Shakespeare

1990 The Illuminati, Innovative Theatre

1991 The Chairs, Innovative Theatre

1992 Miracle at Graceland, Charlotte Rep

1993 Breaking Legs, Charlotte Rep

1994 Boca, Charlotte Rep

1995 Veronica's Position, Charlotte Rep

1996 Beyond Therapy, Actor's Theatre

1997 Ramona Quimby, Children's Theatre

1998 Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Charlotte Rep

1999 Communicating Doors, Charlotte Rep

2000 The Exact Center of the Universe, Charlotte Rep

2001 Anton in Show Business, Actor's Theatre

2002 The Misanthrope, Charlotte Rep

2003 Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage, Actor's Theatre

2004 Wonder of the World, Actor's Theatre

2005 Coyote Ugly, BareBones Theatre Group

2006 Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, BareBones Theatre Group

2007 Mr. Marmalade, BareBones Theatre Group


1987 Bob Croghan, Tartuffe

1988 Matthew Glave, Scapino!

1989 Terry Loughlin, I'm Not Rappaport

1990 Laddy Sartin, The Illuminati

1991 Terry Loughlin, Private Lives

1992 Terry Loughlin, I Hate Hamlet

1993 Alan Poindexter, A Tale of Two Cities, The Mystery of Irma Vep

1994 Mark Sutton, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

1995 Mark Lazar, Darwin

1996 Mark Lazar, Laughter on the 23rd Floor

1997 Billy Ensley, You Should Be So Lucky

1998 Jim Gloster, The Floatplane Notebooks

1999 Jerry Colbert, The Chemistry of Change

2000 George Gray, Visiting Mr. Green

2001 Dennis Delamar, The Importance of Being Earnest

2002 Graham Smith, The Misanthrope

2003 Carl McIntyre, Blithe Spirit

2004 Lee Thomas, Wonder of the World

2005 David Holland, The Tempest

2006 Brian Lafontaine, I Hate Hamlet

Tom Scott, Rembrandt's Gift

2007 Robert L. Simmons, Mr. Marmalade


1987 Jinny Mitchell, Harvey

1988 None

1989 Claudia Galup, Blithe Spirit

1990 Elizabeth Orr, The Girl in Pink