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What is your biggest turn-on?

April: Confidence. You can have on some speedos (which doesn't really turn me on), but if you're confident with it ... It screams sexy and power.

Gia: A smile. Good teeth. A good swagger and his smile. You know, that look and then the little glimmer of teeth.

How would you describe your perfect date?

A: Something so unexpected. Car service picks me up. I have no idea where I'm going. I head to a cool sushi restaurant Uptown. We leave the restaurant and check into a suite where there are clothes waiting for me. We leave there [for] a private concert around the lake.

G: A walk in the park. Going to a museum. Even just going downtown and sightseeing. We may even eat at a hotdog stand. A flower would be nice. A small gift. Just cruising and talking. Nothing planned at first. Just chemistry.

What food do you associate with feeling sexy?

A: Lobster. It's chewy and it takes a little bit of work. Once you get past the work, it's all good.

G: Strawberries. They're sweet ... short, sweet, and simple. With chocolate would be nice -- preferably white chocolate. I like it sweet.

What makes you lustworthy?

A: I like to inspire people. I bring their best qualities out. Something can inspire you when you're 5 or 50 and it's the thing that makes you change.

G: My walk. I heard that it's very sexy. It's strong. My hips say "boom, boom, boom, boom." I've been walking like this since the age of 7. I'm just naturally lusty, huh?


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