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2015 Annual Horoscope Part II



For All Signs: The ongoing tense relationship between Uranus, planet of the people and Pluto, planet of mega-powers, represents the dramatic changes and shifts in our relationship to governments, economics, politics and the countries of the world. It remains a backdrop to everything else that is happening as we go about our personal lives. We are in the midst of a decade of this tension, which began in 2010. This energy is prominent for 10 years or more and we are now in its center. There have been six exact squares and the most recent was on December 15. There will be one more exact square on March 15, 2015. We have seen incredible changes on the globe and in the USA. Governments have been overthrown, many countries are not speaking, and the overall world economy is precarious at best. Those who have even a little bit of power are throwing it around and bullying those who seem to have less. As the faster, inner planets make the circle around the zodiac, they trigger the major squares which make news and further alter the conditions of the world. They also trigger episodes of change in our personal lives. I dare say, at this point no one has escaped unscathed.

Change is not necessarily "bad." Humans dislike disruption of routines, so we actually need provocation to move forward and adapt to the next developments. This is the stuff of which inspiration and creativity is made. Unfortunately, Uranus and Pluto are energies that do not know how to create gradual change. They create wars, job losses, diseases, financial instability or other dramas that appear unbidden out of nowhere. Old grievances resurface between countries and individuals. We often react as though no time has gone by, becoming as emotional as the first round. Will anything change this time? Unlikely.

The message in the sky calls us to break from living out the tired old dramas. If we are to save our world we need to change paradigms and let go of black and white thinking. Taking revenge for past wrongs is not a cool thing to do. Neither is acting out the same old creaking stories of the battle between the sexes or letting warriors rule the planet just because they are louder than peacemakers. Any thinking person would have to agree that continuing our warring history in the same way will not accomplish anything better than what we've got: A circus of a world that is trapped in constant replay. At present it appears that congress is turning retrograde as fast as possible to the 1950's. Suddenly people are revolted by abortions, but they don't object to sending young men to their death in wars. Who understands this thinking?

Each of us can choose a better option for whatever is happening personally. We do not have to be in replay mode forever. If you can think of nothing new or better to do about an issue, hold the question in mind before you go to sleep and ask for the answer — expect it to be there. A fresh and improved version of dealing will be available for evaluation in the morning. If we simply refuse to play the same old tapes, the mind will come up with a better solution. Our minds are naturally lazy and will keep reproducing the same scenarios unless we demand that it reinvent answers.

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