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Subject: Mark Selleck. Sixty-nine-year-old Mark Selleck has been blowing glass for over three decades. Most of that time has been spent developing his technique and innovating new ones. Glass Impressions is the name of Selleck's shop in Waxhaw, N.C. His works include intricate sculptures, unique perfume bottles, stemware and Christmas ornaments.

On His Profession: I love this job because I'm constantly trying new things. If a certain technique doesn't give the effect I'm after, well, then I just play with different tools until I get what I'm looking for.

The Road To Glass Blowing: I started out a Geology major; I wasn't happy with the job opportunities, so I went back to school. I thought I wanted to teach, but then I found this and the rest is history.

Using Glass As A Medium: It's great to work with something so versatile. In the kind of work that I do, I can kiln-fire it, I can torch it, I can do many things. I get to use all kind of tools. With glass, there's very little that can't be done.

People Who Enjoy His Work: I have clients from all over the country. And the Internet has brought me to the world, so I have had requests from as far away as Venezuela for my work.

You can see Selleck's work by visiting his site at

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