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LIVE Review: Every Night is a Holiday: A Tribute to the Spongetones



The Deal: More than a dozen Charlotte-area musicians pay tribute to our local Fab Four, The Spongetones, by recognizing the 25th anniversary of their first release.

The Good: A great mix of newer bands (Big Bus Dream, The Sammies, Mego Dirge, James Deem), seasoned performers (Don Dixon, Leisure McCorkle, Deanna Lynn, Crisis) and folks we don't get to see much of these days (Cool King Chris, Cruis-o-matic, Mitch Easter and a few others) took turns cranking out some of the best from this longtime band's catalogue of music. Emcee Larry Sprinkle kept things rolling in between songs along with stage manager Penny Craver (yes, that Penny Craver – formerly of Tremont Music Hall). Following the tribute, the 'Tones came out for a rollicking set of their own that included a fantastic finale of "Hey Jude" where they were joined on stage by all the night's performers. It was an honest-to-God awesome moment in Charlotte music history.

The Bad: Unfortunately, the show's organizers got jerked around by two music clubs during the early planning stages, so there was a time when it didn't look like the tribute would happen.

The Verdict: As the story goes, when The Spongetones released their debut Beat Music in 1982, Rolling Stone writer Parke Puterbaugh said, "It sounds like the soundtrack to a party so good it could never happen in real life." Well, on Oct. 6, 2007, it happened!

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