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Alleged Tiger mistress Joslyn James hits Charlotte



While the world's most famous golfer, Tiger Woods, will be in the Queen City playing the Quail Hollow Championship this week, one of his alleged mistresses, Joslyn James, will be putting on a show of her own at Uptown Cabaret from April 30 to May 1.

James, the so-called "11th mistress" involved in the Woods sex scandal that broke in November, is a former porn star and current stripper who has been on a cross-country tour, easing her way out of the tabloids and onto the stage.

This is the first time she's come to town to work; she recalled, however, when she used to attend -- albeit secretly -- the Quail Hollow Championship. James, whose government name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels, alleged that she used to accompany Woods to the Quail Hollow Country Club when he played in the tournament during their supposed three-year affair.

Now the 32-year-old star of films like Big Breasted Nurses, My First Teacher 12, and Big Tops 2 is working her way back into the adult entertainment industry with a multi-city tour that includes Dallas, Memphis and Baltimore. And although she's out to make money and ride the wave of her recent notoriety, James said she ultimately wants people to know the truth about her stint with the golfer,

"I was in a relationship, and I was lied to," said James. "Granted, I did do something wrong by having a relationship with a married man; but all of the blame isn't on me. He was the one that was married; I wasn't the one who was married. He was the one who broke vows and decided to have me in his life. A lot of people ask me did I know he was married. And I respond back, 'Did he know he was married?'"

To further hammer home her contentions about Woods, James even recently launched -- a website designed to reprint text messages allegedly sent to her from the golf star, such as: "Slap your face ... Treat you like a dirty little whore ... Kiss you all over to convince me to let you have it in your mouth" and more.

Despite the explicit way James said Woods spoke to her, when it came to watching her having sex on film (in movies she churned out from 2007 to 2009) he was -- according to her -- not exactly thrilled; so much so that she quit her career in porn.

"He was completely jealous. He would watch my movies and call me or text me and be really upset about it. Over a period of a few months of whining and complaining, I asked him: 'What do you want me to do? Do you want me to stop?' And he said, 'Yes, I want you to stop. I don't like watching you have sex with other men.' So, I said, 'All right, if this will stop the arguing and if it will make you happy, then I'll stop.'"

After she stopped making films, she hit the club circuit to support herself, doing hostess duties at Las Vegas clubs and go-go dancing. Woods was reportedly happy with her career change, but James -- who didn't say if he supplemented her loss of income -- said she was making less money doing the club thing than making films.

So, how did she feel after finding out that while Woods was jealous of her porn career, he was allegedly sleeping with a number of other women?

"I look back on a lot of things now, and I should've trusted my gut instinct and just got out," she said. "And never let it evolve into what it did. I feel really, really stupid. There were so many different things that happened, and I just believed what he was telling me and I just let it go. I should've listened to my gut because I knew nothing was going to come from this. I was either going to break up a marriage or get hurt."

Now, James is moving on with her life and getting back to doing something she enjoys (dancing). And for her touring show -- which she said "... is a way for me to get back out and connect with people who support me" -- she promises to deliver an interactive and fun performance.

"There are a lot of fun costumes," she said about her show. "It's going to be very energetic and very crowd-involved. It's going to be different being back in Charlotte because the last time I was there was when I was at the golf tournament with Tiger."

And she will probably poke fun at Woods as she did in Atlanta (at the Pink Pony Show Club) when she -- according to -- came on stage wearing a green Masters jacket. Woods -- perhaps not so coincidentally -- was, at that moment, miles away in Augusta making his return to golf.

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