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All You Need to Know About Concentrate Pen



If you’re reading this, you’re interested in buying a concentrate pen. Often known as a dab pen these are becoming among the most popular of all vaping devices. Dab pens are simple to use, affordable and easy to keep clean and maintained. Not only that, the more sophisticated examples come with voltage controls, which we will talk about before the end of the article. Let’s begin by looking at what a dab pen is, and why you might want one.

How a Dab Pen Works

The main reasons why dab pens are popular include convenience, simplicity and discretion. A dab pen is so called because it resembles a pen in shape and often in size, although there are other dab devices that are called pens while being a different shape. It’s the pen size and shape – easy to put in a pocket or purse – that brings the element of discretion into the bargain.

Like all vaping devices a dab pen involves a few components. These are the case itself, in which are housed a compartment into which the concentrate is placed, a battery, an atomizer, and the electronics that allow the pen to do its trick. The process is simple, and it is vital to remember there is no ignition involved, so no chance of the carcinogens you get with smoking.

Usually, the user is required to press a button a certain number of times to start the sequence, but some dab pens merely require you to take a draw. Once begun, the sequence is as follows: the battery heats up a coil – this can be ceramic or one of many other conducting materials – to the temperature at which the concentrate (either CBD or cannabis) is atomized. This creates the vapor cloud that is inhaled by the user.

Pens generally have auto shut off installed for added safety, and the battery is a rechargeable by USB and should give plenty of use on a full charge. Things really could not be easier. However, it’s worth knowing that you need to get the right sort of pen for concentrate, as some are designed specifically for dry herb vaporizing. Next, we talk about what to look for in your dab pen, and how to choose the best one for you.

Find the Right Model

To help you choose the right model we have put together a list of tips that should point you in the right direction:

  • Find a reputable online retailer who has a choice of models and can
    answer any questions you might have.

  • Decide on a budget after looking at some prices, and don’t pay over
    the odds for your first dab pen.

  • Ensure the model you choose is a 510-thread battery example.
    This is the industry standard for most examples and will allow you
    to change your battery and other parts easily.

  • Check out dab pens with adjustable voltage as this means you can
    control the temperature at which the concentrate combusts.
    This alters the strength and taste of the hit to your individual

The above should be a useful checklist for choosing a dab pen for concentrates, and do remember to check that it can be used for such. There are some models that can also be used with dry herbs, but we recommend you stick to a specific dab pen if concentrate is what you intend to vape.

We hope this short article has helped you understand what dab pens for concentrate are all about, how to use one and how to make sure you choose a model that is suitable for you and within your budget.

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