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All jokes aside(bar)


What's cracking up folks at comedy shows across the city these days? Creative Loafing checked in with five of Charlotte's rising stars, and they offered a glimpse at some of the material they're using to kill audiences around town. Check 'em out:

"My wife will tell me about a problem she has and then get mad at me for trying to fix it. 'I don't want you to fix the problem, Kevin. I just want you to listen!' 'Fine, I'll remember that next time the yard needs to be mowed.'"

— Kevin Alderman

"My girlfriend and I like to role-play. One of our favorite scenarios is called Cop & Robber. That's where I play a detective and she plays a naughty bank robber; and I catch her in the act and handcuff her, and then I fill out paperwork for three hours."

— Steven Forrest

"Why do women with thin hair always wear their hair pulled back? Is it because they want us to read their minds?"

— Nicci Hoo

"I've always gone above and beyond. For my high school superlatives, I was voted 'Teacher's Pet' — as well as 'Most Likely To Eat One.'"

— Eric "Underweight Luva" Shun

"When we had our second child, my wife told me she wanted to have as many kids as we could afford. I said, 'Mathematically we'd have to get rid of one.'"

— Sid Davis

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All jokes aside(bar)

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