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Tastefully Yours Cafe and Catering


GRAND OPENING: September 27, 2004

EXECUTIVE CHEF: Therease Mahmoud. She received a degree in culinary arts and restaurant management from Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has traveled the world cooking and learning various types of cuisines. Tastefully Yours originally began as just a catering business; the Mahmouds hope that the cafe "will attract all different types of people."

OWNER: Therease and her husband, Ahmad Mahmoud.

AMBIENCE: The oversized bar tables and stools, as well as the bright green and purple walls, contribute to the warm and casual atmosphere that Therease and Ahmad have created in this little cafe, not too far from the city center. Order and pay at the register, and the rest of the meal can be enjoyed at a table near one of the many windows.

SEATING: Thirty-two seats are available in one main dining area.

PRICE RANGE: Salads range from a $5.75 Greek salad to a $7.75 chef salad. Deli sandwiches go for $6.50, burgers start at $5.75, and other sandwiches such as the Reuben and French Dip are $7.25. Ahmad's Famous Chicken Wings start at $7.50. Tastefully Yours specialties may change daily, and include standard cafe salad such as the Cobb Salad ($9.25) to the Albacore Tuna Melt ($7.25).

TYPE OF CUISINE: With the ever-changing daily specials, Mahmoud seems to be able to accommodate even the pickiest eater. From basic sandwiches to fresh salads, the target audience is the lunch crowd. Mahmoud also offers "Gourmet takeaway." As he explains, "We have a wide variety of foods on our menu from Mediterranean to Italian to Mexican. Everything is made from scratch and we do a great presentation."

ADDED BONUSES: With the catering business as well as the cafe, Mahmoud's creativity in what the business can provide for the customer sets them apart. With the upcoming holiday season, Tastefully Yours will prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal for a party of 10 to 12 people up to the day before the holiday. Holiday catering and parties are also options. Boxed lunches are available for guests who call and request them. These include a sandwich, a homemade side salad and a dessert bar or cookie. Menu items such as the soup may be purchased by the pound.

HOURS: Open Monday through Friday for lunch, 11am until 2pm.

RESERVATIONS: None are needed or required.

RECOMMENDED PARKING: Parking in the lot is painless.

CREDIT CARDS: Mastercard, Visa and American Express are accepted.


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