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Alexandra Loesser, artist

Best Local Visual Artist


* Best Local Charity

"Friendship Gardens, for making healthy food available, especially in areas that dont have access otherwise, starting with gardens."

* Best Old Thing

"What old thing? This is Charlotte." *winks*

* Best Art Space

"C3 Lab is a really exciting new collaborative art space in South End that brings creative people and the business community together. I don't want to speak for all artists, but having business brains around helps."

* Best Wine Bar

"Twenty-Two, because you get a great wine selection, thanks to Ryan Haines, and you can look at local art. It's like my Cheers bar."

* Best Splurge Restaurant

"I love going to the Fig Tree and just eating and drinking for like three hours. Passion8 is fantastic too, though."

* Best Local Consignment Shop

"I love Sleepy Poet (Antique Mall). I could spend all day in there. You can find pretty things and a lot of super weird stuff."

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