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Alessia, freelance journalist



What is your biggest turn-off?

My biggest turn off is when you meet a guy and he would rather you get to know his wallet than his personality. It's really lame when a guy can't speak for himself so he tries to get his pocket to do it for him.

What's been your best cheap date?

The best cheap date I've ever been on was stopping at a gas station and purchasing two for 99 cents ranch and barbecue sunflower seeds. By far the cheapest form of entertainment for two trying to kill time. Only downfall of it is you need lots of gum if you plan on ending the night on a sweet note. The best part of this whole date is that this only happened in my head. Sad part of it is ... this only happened in my head ...

What have you given up for your looks in the recession?

In this recession I have given up not being able to get my nails and hair did as often as I probably should!

What is the best solution to bringing new jobs to the U.S.?

Unlike the previous questions, I don't know the right answer for this one; however, I would have to agree with President Obama's remarks about economic recovery and job creation for this country relying on small businesses. I believe incentivizing small businesses to expand and create new domestic jobs would be a good start.

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