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Album review: Pradigy GT's About Damn Time

BNR; Release Date: May 6, 2015



It's been roughly four-and-a-half years since Charlotte rock 'n' hip-hop outfit Pradigy GT released its debut album, 2010 GT Odyssey, so the follow-up's name, About Damn Time, is apropos. The band merges full band music and rap into something which isn't "rap-rock." Pradigy GT's music could more often use singing instead of rapping — the band doesn't approach its music strictly from the hip-hop angle.

Frontman Pradigy GT shouts a call-and-response for people to scream on "I Go, We Go." Without an audience present (which the album works to replicate), it can fall flat. A number of songs work off of repetitive riffs which lends to the hip-hop style, but they then break into rock choruses. "Refresh" plays as a party anthem, "Punishment" shows the band's metal influence, while "Colombiana" uses Latin rhythms to set it apart and "Never Did I Ever" uses humorous elements to try and get a smile from the listener. That's where the album struggles — trying to do too much at once.

About Damn Time features 10 songs by a talented songwriter though there's a bit of schizophrenia within. Moments of brilliance in both song structure and lyrical content — in addition to the solid vocal pairing of Nikki C. — can often be overshadowed by a gimmick or stretch. "Never Did I Ever" doesn't need the cowbell. "I Go, We Go" doesn't need the movie quotes in the lyrics. "Punishment" works well on the guitar side of things, but someone called from a mid-'90s basement and asked to have their the chorus and production back.

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