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Aimee's Top Five



Aimee Parkison is an assistant professor in the English Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and published the short story collection, Woman with Dark Horses.

1) Films: "Horror films captivate me, and anything directed by Dario Argento, especially Suspiria, takes my breath away."

2) Books: "Important works of literature are unforgettable because of their courage and daring. Some that come to mind are The Dwarf, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Invisible Man ... and Geek Love."

3) Music: "Good music is like wine -- it can take the edge off of a stressful day and set a creative mood. Music I'm listening to now? Massive Attack, Alice In Chains (Unplugged), Prince, The Pretenders, Stevie Nicks, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige."

4) Art: "Give me anything Surrealist."

5) Hobbies: "Painting, gardening, day dreaming, and surfing the Web are some of my most time-consuming hobbies."

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