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Afternoon of The Long Knives

Staffers get the bad news at News Carolina 14


Creative Loafing has learned that over two-thirds of the 90-member News 14 Carolina employees were to be fired Monday afternoon in a staff meeting. Time Warner Cable managers told staff that while approximately 26 of them were being kept on to maintain a bureau-like operation, the rest received "separation packets" and thanks for their hard work.

"It's truly a Black Monday for all of us who worked so hard to put out the (news) product we were asked to do," one fired employee told CL media writer Shannon Reichley.

The move effectively guts the operation, though it will continue to broadcast news as part of a more statewide newscast with its sister operation in Raleigh.

News 14 Carolina began operating with a million-dollar, state-of-the-art digital newsroom in June of 2002. The move is disappointing, though expected by many since a recent ownership upheaval. Co-owner Belo sold its half of the partnership to TWC a few weeks ago, but not before completely closing down News 14 clones in Austin and Houston.

More in the CL print edition Wednesday...

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