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Abstractions by Stephen Kasun



Exhibit: Abstractions by Stephen Kasun

Dates: Showing now through June 30

Location: Chasen Galleries, 2850 Selwyn Ave.

Info: 704-376-0066 or

"Painting is about communicating and sharing experience and vision," states artist Stephen Kasun. "I paint my subjects from the natural world that I live, love, immerse myself into, and study them until they feel intimate. I draw my influence from Romantic painting, and I use age-old glazing techniques to build a luminous illusion of space, time and light."

Kasun not only brings his experience and vision but a cornucopia of his signature colorful, textured abstract paintings to Chasen Galleries. His play with blocking and color lends itself to the complexity of each piece. The struggle between form and formlessness plays out across each canvas and culminates in expressive moving pieces.

This Cincinnati-born artist is no one-trick pony. He has an eye for abstract contemporary with a background in still life portraiture. His repertoire includes seascapes, stained glass, and landscapes. On this visit to Charlotte, he brings bright, vivid abstract works for us to enjoy.

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