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Aaron, Full-time student/"shot boy"


What's your favorite feature on a person's body?

The butt. Has to be a cute little bubble butt.

What is one vanity item/routine you can't live without for more than a week?

Working out, lifting weights. I work out every other day, doing a full-body workout.

Sexting and hooking up on Facebook — a good idea or bad idea?

Depends on the person you're sexting or hooking up with. That's how I met my current lover — on Facebook.

Let's say you're strapped for cash — for a part-time gig, would you rather become a stripper or a septic tank cleaner?

Stripper. I'd hate to have to clean out crap holes ... literally.

Favorite place to hang out?

In the summer, I like hanging out at the Whitewater Center.

Where do you get your hair cut?

I go to Supercuts, because my hair is spiky, so if they do a bad job on it, you can't really tell.

The 2011 Lust List:
Ember, Go-go dancer/VIP server
Travis, Full-time student
Emily Paige, Co-assistant designer
Ward, Marketing executive/group fitness instructor
Shana, Modeling agency owner
Aaron, Full-time student/"shot boy"
Naresse, Restaurant "jack of all trades"
Shane, Bartender

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