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A wonder-ful Week

Stars invade the Queen City


All in the Family


Stevie Wonder stands with his daughter, Aisha Morris, at the start of Wonder's concert at Charlotte Bobcats Arena on Nov. 28. Wonder rifled through hits for two-and-a-half hours. For a setlist, go to For a review of the concert, head to the Vibes section of this paper.

Star Power


Legendary actress Ruby Dee stands with newbie thespian Ryan Michelle Bathé and rising star Boris Kodjoe at last Thursday's premiere of their film All About Us, which was held at the Ballantyne Village Theater.

The Furious One


World-famous DJ Grandmaster Flash cut and scratched a ton of vinyl, which then caused folks to shake their booties, when he paid a visit to Club Tempo last Saturday.

Kabuki Theatre?


Singer Travis Warren wore a mask during the first two songs of Blind Melon's concert at Tremont Music Hall on Nov. 30. The band, which reunited earlier this year, played a handful of new songs mixed in with the old. For a review, setlist and more photos, log on to

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