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A tale of two last issues



New Warriors No. 20 / Nightwing No. 153

The Deal: It's a tale of two last issues, as both New Warriors (at Marvel) and Nightwing (at DC) come to a close.

The Bad: It's always sad to see comic books come to an end, especially if you read them every month. That's true for me when it comes to Nightwing. I've been a fan of this character since he appeared in Teen Titans back in the 1980s. (FYI: Nightwing used to be Batman's sidekick Robin, but eventually graduated to his own identity.) And I loved his solo book under the guidance of writer Chuck Dixon and artist Scott McDaniel. The series was fast-paced, action-packed and stood on its own outside of the regular Batman comics. After Dixon and McDaniel left, however, Nightwing went down the tubes and never regained its footing. Even worse, years later it came to light that certain bigwigs at DC thought Nightwing was superfluous and wanted to kill off the character. Now it seems -- with Batman supposedly dead -- they're positioning Nightwing to take on his former mentor's mantle. They also may be wanting to retire the former Boy Wonder because there's another Nightwing running around in Metropolis with ties to Krypton. Bottom line is all that sucks. Nightwing is a cool character who differs from Batman in motivation, personality and abilities; I hate to see the series and possibly the character disappear.

The Good: Like Nightwing, I used to like the very first New Warriors series. Yes, it was cheesy, but it was my guilty pleasure. The latest incarnation, however, written by Kevin Grevioux, was not enjoyable. The new series was soooo somber -- it lacked all the fun of the original. I mean, if you're going to spotlight lame-o heroes, you might as well have a good time, right?

The Verdict: I'll miss Nightwing, but I spit on the grave of New Warriors.

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