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A simpler kind of nightlife


After attending the Bobcats game last Friday night, my friend Dianne sent me a text in an otherwise failed operation to meet up ...

"Are you going out after the game?" "Yeah, I'm going to run by CVS." "Ummm ... that doesn't count."

Well, it is in the EpiCentre and open until 2 a.m., so why not? But I was coming from a Bobcats game, therefore my night had already climaxed.

It's safe to say the Time Warner Cable Arena is my favorite place to hang out in Charlotte. You get a game, show and nightlife with your all-inclusive ticket. You could even go on a bar crawl inside the arena if you wanted to -- and, they have post-game parties in their Front Court Bar. I tend to have so much fun going to games, even the Bobcats started posting my blogs, which you can read on

Coming off a wild night at CVS, I had the perfect low-key Saturday night planned out: I was going to go to PJ's Coffee and Lounge to drink coffee at midnight and lounge with a book -- maybe even sample one of their liquor-based hookahs so I could feel like I was actually out partying despite the fact I was wearing sweatpants. But their "lounge" was more like a club with pulsating loud music. Speaking of which, why do so many clubs and lounges put their volume up so high that you almost have to text the person you're standing next to in order to communicate? Is that a gimmick to avoid awkward conversation?

So where can a dork go to get some nightlife, on mute? ... Amelie's French Bakery in NoDa. And no, I do not hang out in bakeries because I am a fat ass. Amelie's is a giant living room that is open 24 hours for you to lounge in. It's the perfect place to go for a night out, when you don't want to go all out. They even have board games on hand... who wants to challenge me to a game of Apples to Apples? I dare you.

So I am out of the closet -- I am a dork. And there is nightlife for dorks, at cooler spots than CVS.

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