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A review of Trinity No. 12

DC's weekly comic series starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman



Trinity No. 12

Published by DC Comics. Written by Kurt Busiek. Pencils by Mark Bagley. Inks by Art Thibert.

The Deal: It's the latest issue of DC's weekly comic series Trinity, which stars the company's biggest three heroes: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

The Good: I wrote about Trinity in this column a few weeks ago, remarking how the weekly frequency of the series made it pretty damn addictive. Three months into the comic, I still dig the weekly fix. I mean, what lover of folks in tights can dislike the idea of reading about Superman, Batman and/or Wonder Woman every week?

The Bad: As much as I find this series addictive, Trinity is not what I'd call a fun read. The storyline is thick with continuity-heavy plot points and uninteresting sci-fi mumbo jumbo. So, if you're not obsessed with every B-list character in the DC Universe or alternate reality doppelgangers and such (which I ain't), reading Trinity will seem like a chore. And the backup stories that are found in each issue (written by Fabian Nicieza) are even more mired in DC history -- as populated by an array of incredibly lame heroes and villains. Now, when focusing on the art, there isn't much good to say there, either. Mark Bagley is competent, but his art is not pretty or stylized or anything like that.

The Verdict: As addictive as Trinity can be, this is one continuity-laden comic. Honestly, I'll probably keep reading it -- but I'll read it and weep. I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess.

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