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A recap of HeroesCon



So, another HeroesCon has come and gone. If you attended this year's edition of the city's largest comic book convention, I hope you had a good time. Although I'm totally exhausted from this past weekend's festivities, I enjoyed myself immensely. I particularly got a kick out of:

• Meeting artist Ming Doyle and getting a print collection of The Loneliest Astronauts, the hilarious (and incredibly crude!) Web comic she cranks out with writer Kevin Church. Check it out at:

• Seeing 30 Rock actor and comic book geek Scott Adsit in the flesh as he hosted a madcap panel that featured artistic superstars Adam Hughes, Phil Noto, Mark Brooks and J. Scott Campbell. The five guys traded jokes and thoughts about conventions, meeting Princess Leia and drawing. I'm pretty sure you can hear the audio at

• Snagging copies of cool comics like Van Jensen's Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer ( and Dustin Harbin's Enquirer Sunday funny-esque comic strip collection (

• Sitting in a packed room and listening to comic journalist Tom Spurgeon ( interview writer/artist Mike Mignola about what it's like to work on his Hellboy franchise of comics, prose books, movies and more.

• Making contact with all five ... no, six of the folks who read and enjoy my column. I appreciate the support. I look forward to next year's con.

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