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A Geek's Guide to Understanding Iron Man

Analyzing the other man of steel



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• Iron Man in Camelot (Iron Man 149-150) -- Iron Man travels back in time to the days of King Arthur with the Fantastic Four's arch foe Dr. Doom.

• Alcoholic Iron Man (Iron Man 167-199) -- Tony Stark finally succumbs to alcoholism and gives up being a superhero. In his stead, his friend Jim Rhodes dons the Iron Man armor and the name.

• Armor Wars (Iron Man 225-231) -- Iron Man discovers that a number of foes -- and a few friends -- have jacked his armor designs. So he sets out to put the copycats out of commission.

• Armor Wars II (Iron Man 258-266) -- Infamous writer John Byrne takes over the book, making the Mandarin scary and resurrecting Fin Fang Foom, a giant dragon who wears purple shorts. (It's better than it sounds.)

• Extremis (Invincible Iron Man 1-6) -- Stark injects himself with a nanotech virus that integrates his armor with his own biological systems.

• Superhero Civil War (Civil War 1-7) -- After a group of reckless superheroes inadvertently cause thousands of civilians to die, Iron Man pushes to get all heroes licensed by the government -- which causes a big rift between former allies.

Most of these tales are available in collected volumes and on sale at most comic book shops and bookstores.

It's sharting time

Excited yet? After reading the last thousand or so words, I think you should be. I understand if you're still skeptical about jumping on the Iron bandwagon; at the end of the day, the movie may suck harder than an Oreck. Only time will tell. Until then, I'll play the trailer over and over again ... and invest in a box of Depends.


To find out how you can get free Iron Man comics, check this out. 

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