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A Correction, Of Sorts

In our March 12 issue, we noted that the Charlotte Observer had mistakenly reported that the Coffee Cup restaurant was closing. They emailed to say that they hadn't said any such thing. Technically, they are right and we were incorrect: the words "the Coffee Cup is closing permanently" are nowhere to be found in the text of their initial story about the restaurant. We regret the error. In our defense, albeit a weak one, we weren't the only ones who got the wrong impression from the Observer's coverage. It's no secret that daily newspapers rarely make a big deal of rumors unless they believe the rumors are probably true. The Observer's initial story reported the rumors that the restaurant had closed permanently, then recounted the laments of those who love the Coffee Cup's food, including one woman who, seeing that the restaurant was closed said, "I guess the rumors are true." In addition, the daily corraled Dannye Powell into writing a column about the wonders of the Coffee Cup for that day's paper. No wonder everyone got the wrong impression. The one thing the daily didn't do was take time to do enough legwork to find the owner -- unlike CL food writer Tricia Childress, who got the story from the owner that the restaurant had been sold but would soon reopen. Nonetheless, amid all that, we should have reported that the Observer had given the distinct impression that the restaurant was closing rather than saying they had reported it specifically.

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