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7 Useful Software That You Can Use To Start Your Medical Practice In 2021


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Suppose you are a medical practitioner for years, and you happen to realize that you want to invest and start your medical practice. In that case, you will need to consider and prepare many things before you can launch your medical practice into reality. You will also have to be prepared for the challenges you will face upon your medical practice journey.

To help you be prepared in launching and operating your medical practice, you may consider using medical practice software. The medical practice software is the type of application that can help you manage the business side of the field. The list of medical practice software that you may opt to use includes:


Communication is very important when it comes to healthcare. Establishing rapport is one of the very first things healthcare professionals do, even before treatment. To effectively communicate with patients, doctors can use software to help them.

Weave is one of the best medical office software you can use to operate your medical practice. It is a comprehensive tool with numerous features, including Weave Phones, Weave Messages, Appointment Reminders, Appointment Confirmations, Weave Reviews, Team Chat, Text to Pay, and many others.

It provides smooth and effortless communication between you and your clients or patients as it allows you to set appointments with them. Your clients will also be reminded of the set appointment and can confirm whether they can attend or not, minimizing the number of wasted time and missed appointments. The weave is easy to access as it is available both on iPhone and Android phones.

Since medical practice is a kind of business that needs clients or patients to run, the Weave Review feature of this software allows you to manage your previous patients' reviews. Asking for a review from them would be a lot easier when you subscribe to this application.


To ensure that you provide only the best quality of healthcare services to your patients, you may also use PetalMD in running your medical practice. PetalMD is a cloud-based software designed for patient booking, on-call management, physician scheduling, and medical billing.

This software has a unique scheduling feature that allows you and your physicians to view their shifts, personal events, and absences. It also displays all the members' and physicians' tasks and activities, allowing them to be efficient and productive in their work. Using this software, physicians can request leave and shift swapping without messing up the whole schedule.


Solutionreach is another software that you can integrate into your medical practice to run it efficiently. It has multiple useful features that allow you to connect and communicate with your patients, physicians, and team members. It also has an action list that helps all the practice members to keep track of their pending tasks. They can review patient confirmations and can respond to their patient's messages.

Another useful and functional feature of this software is the ASAP Waitlist that sends messages to the patients on the appointment waiting list when another patient cancels or declines their scheduled appointments. In that way, your patients will all be happily accommodated and provided with the healthcare services they deserve. You can also expect to have an increased number of patient visits because of this feature.

Solutionreach also has a Patient Newsletter feature that sends a personalized and customized newsletter to the patients about the particulars of their visit. The newsletter usually includes the physician's medical advice and instructions to ensure that their patients follow what they are told during their visits.

Harmony Medical

Another software that can help you in operating your medical practice is Harmony Medical. It provides practice management solutions to day-to-day operations, such as easy shift scheduling, instant patient history, patient tracking, patient referral tracking, appointment reminders, auto-generated superbills from the provider's note, and integrated credit card processing with a payment plan module.

Aside from the features mentioned, the software provider provides a comprehensive training program to your staff to ensure that you get to know how to navigate and effectively use the software. Harmony Medical also has an accommodating customer service that you can rely on to operate your medical practice. You may contact them by calling (443) 996-4000.


You may also opt to use eClinicalWorks in organizing the workflow of your medical practice. eClinicalWorks is an Electronic Health Record system that can help keep accurate and complete information or record about your patients. Using this system, you can easily access the needed information, such as lab results or tests, anytime and anywhere.


Operating a medical practice involves having a healthy and good relationship with your patients, fellow physicians, and other practice members. Thus, to ensure that you successfully start, launch, and operate your medical practice while maintaining a good relationship with people, you must consider integrating any of the useful medical software mentioned above.


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