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7 of Music’s Biggest NFL Fans



One of the highlights of watching any NFL game on TV is when the cameras pick out the A-list stars who happen to be in the crowd. Drawn from the worlds of acting, the arts and, especially, music they are probably there to be seen just as much as they are to watch the action.

This reaches its highest point of all at the Super Bowl when the recognizable faces in the crowd can generate almost as much as excitement as the famous name picked to perform in the half-time show.

But there are plenty more stars from the world of music who are dedicated followers of their particular NFL team, including these seven big names.

Taylor Swift

Let’s start with one of the biggest names in music, and one of the biggest NFL franchises out there. It’s probably a coincidence that in the first year that Taylor Swift has been dating Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce they won the Super Bowl. But it has elevated their initially slow-burning relationship to a whole new level.

Despite the pressures of her record-breaking Eras tour, Swift managed to attend many games last season and, although it definitely increased interest in the team, some players have been reported as finding her an unwanted distraction from the game. But neither Swift, Kelce or the Chiefs’ management seem to be complaining. This is especially true as the team have also seen everything from their odds in the NFL lines to merch sales steadily improve since the singer’s links with the Chiefs have grown stronger.

Harry Styles

You might expect the British-born singer to be a bigger fan of soccer than of an NFL team. But it seems like the Green Bay Packers have a special place in his heart.

So the story goes, in the early days of his career when he was still in the boy band One Direction whenever on tour in California he’d stay with a friend who lived there. Because his friend was a devoted Packers fan he soon became one too. It was even his team when he played on the Madden video game.

He’s taken things even further by having a Packers tattoo – although, admittedly, it was a mistake. Apparently he had promised to get one if they won a particular game and was so confident that he visited the tattooist before it began. But they went on to lose and he still has the tattoo as a permanent reminder of the fact.

Kenny Chesney

The number of country music awards that Kenny Chesney has won probably fill up a whole wall in his Tennessee Home, not to mention the 32 No.1 discs he has amassed over his career. But, football-wise, his heart lies in Pittsburgh with the Steelers.

He’s been a devoted fan for most of his adult life. It’s also why most of his tours with his band include at least one performance at the Acrisure Stadium. In the past he’s also been an honored guest at pre-season training camps for the Steelers including meet and greets with the players and coaching staff.

Luke Combs

Luke Combs has always been intensely proud of his Carolina roots. So it’s hardly surprising that he falls definitely into the category of a Carolina Panthers uber-fan. He’s frequently spotted watching matches as well as mixing with the team.

He’s also happy to be a walking ad for their merch, often donning items of Panthers apparel when on stage.

Blake Shelton

Blake doesn’t just love the Arizona Cardinals, he’s also introduced wife Gwen Stefani to the pleasures of watching them play. Their first sighting at a game came in 2015 when they were dating and both judges on TV talent show The Voice. They’ve also been seen enjoying the action much more recently in 2022.

He has also proudly announced that he’s fitted out his very own man cave at home as a shrine to the Cardinals – and he’s more likely to be found posting about the team on social media than he is promoting his music.

Brad Paisley

Cleveland Browns don’t have many fans who are quite as devoted as Paisley. He’s another star who is more than happy to wear items of their merch on stage and he’s also a regular at many of their training sessions.

Darius Rucker

But in terms of passion, few fans can beat the level of Darius Rucker with his love for the Miami Dolphins. In the past he’s said that his year splits into two parts – the football season and waiting for the football season to start. One of his most famous songs from the Hootie and the Blowfish days was even about the team – its title is “I Only Want to be With You.”

Of course, there are countless other fans from the music world including Snoop Dogg who is even helping to bring up the next generation of NFL stars. But none quite match up to the sheer devotion of these seven artists.