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6 Reasons People Buy Reusable Bags


It’s been a common sight to see people using reusable bags nowadays. For some, it’s because of compliance with state policies. While for some, it’s just because they enjoy what comes with using reusable bags.


Reusable bags are eco-friendly. The term “eco-friendly” means they’re not harmful to the environment. The world has been abused by pollution and toxic materials. One of the best things you can do against pollution is by using reusable bags. To have an eco-friendly lifestyle means living a life that’s environmentally friendly for the purpose of reducing your carbon footprint and taking care of the environment.

Now, why do you think most people buy reusable bags these days? Here are the six reasons:

1. Durable and Easier to Carry

No one can deny that reusable bags and eco-friendly bags are much more durable for carrying your groceries. Plastic bags often result in tearing up when used, and leaks can be a big problem. Whereas for the reusable ones, you can use them for years, not forgetting to wash them, of course. They don’t just break or rip. It’s a better solution than using plastic bags.

Plus, you can even collect customised reusable bags from sites like www.calico-bags.com.au. You can go for a bag with a short handle or a long one. The possibilities are all exciting.

2. Environmentally Friendly

The world has witnessed plenty of news about climate change and pollution. These are all caused by plastic bags that take 15 years to a massive 1,000 years to decay, resulting in plastics having a lasting effect on the ecosystem. It's time people make a move to go against these changes and protect the environment. People, nowadays, prefer bags that are made of biodegradable materials such as jute and canvas. Through small lifestyle changes, like choosing to use reusable bags, you can be the big step towards preserving the environment.

3. Protect Wildlife

Every year, plastic wastes cause death to millions of wildlife species, from sea creatures to birds. This happens when they mistake plastic for food. If animals consume plastic, their internal organs may rupture. The bags can cause the intestinal blockages, leaving them unable to eat and starved. That's why investing in reusable bags is the best way to protect these wildlife creatures.

4. Lessen plastic tax

The concept of plastic tax is putting a price on every plastic purchase. This is what states do to discourage people from purchasing plastic bags and fight climate change. Basically, if you pollute the environment, then you pay for it. The money people pay for plastic taxes is often used to provide subsidies to recycling companies and industries. Overall, this surcharging helped reduce the use of plastic bags in most cities that are implementing the taxes.

5. Health Benefits

This may be a little-known fact, but micro-plastics had been found inside humans. This is an effect of plastic wastes getting into the ecosystem. This is because the earth and water absorb plastic too. Therefore, as humans consume water and animals that consumed plastic, micro-plastics enter the body, which is downright harmful to humans. Plastic materials are full of Bisphenol A, chemicals, and lead that could result in serious health problems. The use of reusable bags simply equates to a healthier lifestyle.

6. Save up Space in your House

If you take plastic bags home, you often end up storing them for a long time as you can't use them anymore. These bags end up cluttering your storage cabinets, your pantry, or maybe your rooms, wasting the space you have for other more essential things in your house.

Meanwhile, if you use reusable bags, you can fold them up, significantly taking lesser space in your storage cabinets. As opposed to the number of plastic bags that could possibly clutter your house, it's so much better to only have three or four reusable bags in your storage.

Wrapping Up

As of now, plastics are being produced at an enormously escalating rate. Waste disposal cannot keep up even at the global rate. Plus, not all people realise the importance of protecting the environment because they still consume plastic instead. This calls for an immediate solution to changing your ways. Otherwise, you'll hear the same environmental problems every day, and nothing will eventually change.

There are endless reasons it’s a must to address environmental issues. Start small by engaging in the use of reusable bags, and encourage others to do the same. Eco-friendly bags make a big difference. Some people have realized that. Now, it's your turn.