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5 Sciences of how to best extract Cannabis and test it



5 sciences of how to extract cannabis and test it



There are extraction techniques that are employed to isolate specific desirable compounds of the cannabis plant like CBD oil, terpenes, hash etc. It is worth noting that cannabis extraction is chemistry, not cooking.

Real lab equipment and skills are required in order to produce a safe product for human use. The results should be tested with proper analytical tools. Most of the extraction methods rely on a solvent to deliver a highly potent end product. 

A Brief History of Cannabis Extraction

There are records of people around the world who used cannabis, hash or tinctures in ancient times. Cannabis extracts were first used around 1500 BCE in the form of hash. In the 12th century, Middle East made hashish by squeezing trichomes of dried cannabis plants.

Later hash was brought to Europe from Egypt around the 1800s.Cannabis tinctures were later developed in the year 1942 in USA. This was cannabis soaked in alcohol and was marketed as tinctures to solve problems such as baldness and toothaches.

Today, the science behind extracting and testing cannabis has improved significantly. The reasons why people extract cannabis are the following;

-Can be easily consumed in various forms, pills, oils, tinctures and edibles

-The end product is much more potent 

-Provide accurate dosing when required

-Less products needs to be consumed

-They are more pure

1. Co2 cannabis Extraction

This is a renowned method of extracting CBD oil; one of the components of the cannabis plant. In this method, CO2 is transformed into a liquid due high pressure involved. The liquid is passed through cannabis plant to extract CBD oil.

This results in a pure extract that is highly concentrated. It is one of the safest cannabis extraction methods. If any CO2 were to remain in the CBD oil after extraction, it just evaporates. This guarantees that no residual solvent remains in the final product.

Best CBD for sleep should use this method of extraction that is safe. If you are finding it hard to sleep at night, consider buying oil like this. It induces feelings of sleepiness, making it ideal for people with sleep disorders.

CBD oil for sleep contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids. It is extracted from plant hence it is safe to consume. This means it does not have added additives. The oil can be consumed by a vegetarian and is gluten free.

Often, lack of sleep is caused by anxiety, depression or stress. CBD oil has antipsychotic effects that will help you fall asleep by calming the nervous system. No more difficulties in falling asleep or waking up too early because of lack of sleep.

The oil has been proven to inhibit the activity of a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain that causes restless hence allowing you to sleep. You can get the best CBD oil for sleep in form of capsules, CBD gummies, vape oil and pure oil. 

 CO2 method of extraction is also used in many industries such as fruit extracts, omega 3 oils and perfumes.

2. Ethanol Extraction

Using Ethanol to extract cannabis has become a favorite method to many because it is effective and efficient.FDA generally regards Ethanol as safe for consumption. Additionally, Ethanol is used as a preservative.

This method is ideal for commercial production of cannabis concentrates, high quality oils and edibles. During this process, cannabis is soaked in Ethanol. Cannabinoids like CBD oil will be stripped away during the extraction process. 

The extract is later refined for purity. However, Ethanol extracts chlorophyll from cannabis plant and this result in extract with undesirable and bitter flavor. The method is conducted at atmospheric pressure. It also need professional to conduct it since Ethanol is highly flammable.

3. Butane Honey Oil Extraction (BHO)

Butane honey oil extraction is a scientific method of extracting cannabis compounds.  It is already used in food and perfume industries. It is now repurposed for cannabis extraction because of its outstanding terpene extraction and powerful potency. 

During this process, cannabis is filled in a vessel and a filter is attached at 1 end. Then Butane is sprayed through the column with cannabis. The extract is collected in another vessel where the solvent is left to evaporate. Also, a vacuum oven is also used to remove the solvent from the extract. 

This scientific method of extraction needs professionals because it can be dangerous if not done properly. The butane gas is extremely flammable hence be careful with this method. However, professional have invented BHO extraction machines that will keep the solvent sealed minimizing any danger during the extraction process. This extraction method is famous for producing oils, waxes and shatter.

4. Isopropyl Oil or Quick-Wash ISO Extraction (Solvent)

This method of cannabis extraction is also called ISO wash. Dried cannabis flowers are soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Gently the mixture is shaken and then filtered into a separate dish. isopropyl alcohol removes trichomes from the cannabis plant.

In order to remove any remaining solvent in the extract, evaporation is done in a vacuum oven at under 181 degree fahrenheit. The result is potent oil. You can produce the best CBD for sleep using this extraction method.

This is because no harmful additives are involved in preparing the oil. CBD oil has a calming effect which will help people with sleep problems. 

5. The Olive Oil Extraction Method

The olive oil extraction method uses olive oil to extract Cannabinoids. The first step requires cannabis plants to be heated at a certain temperature and for certain duration of time in order to activate the chemicals of the plant.

It is recommended to heat the raw plant materials for 60 minutes at 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you complete this step, add the heated cannabis plant to olive oil. This mixture is supposed to be heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours.

This extraction method results in pure cannabinoids. You will get CBD oil that is 100% natural because it is extracted from the cannabis plants with no additives added. It makes the best CBD oil for sleep because it has potency; is allergen, gluten free and has a safe extraction process. 

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