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4 Ways To Get Electricity While Camping



Camping usually allows you to enjoy the exquisiteness of nature from trees and forests. It also helps you restore your communication and relationship with nature. However, if you consider modern amenities, you’ll likely enjoy your camping trip more. 

Due to advanced technology, most camping products have become digital, and electricity is required for these devices to function efficiently. These devices you might carry on your camping trip include phones, cameras, GPS devices, laptops, tent fans, batteries, and fridges. So, how do you keep the appliances running in remote areas without electricity plugs? 

This comprehensive post will take you through a few ways of getting electricity while camping. However, it’d help if you consider electricity safety during camping as well.

1.) Portable Solar Power Panels         

You can also get camping electricity through a solar setup. Nowadays, portable solar panels use the sun's energy, which is in the form of photons, to produce electricity. When photons hit the solar cells, they're likely to bounce off electrons from the compounds' loose atoms in solar cells. After that, these electrons make their way into the circuit and provide you with camping electricity. 

However, before you buy a portable solar power panel, confirm if the one you've picked is waterproof and can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. In addition, this device should be lightweight to allow you to maneuver it easily. 

As a camper, you should consider investing in a solar power panel because it isn't noisy and its power is clean. On the other hand, the solar power source relies on the sun, which means things can get out of hand without the sun. Fortunately, nowadays, a solar power panel camping kit incorporates a portable battery pack, usually charged if there's sunlight. So, when there's no sunlight, you can comfortably use the power stored in your power pack to run your electronic appliances. 

You can also consider getting a solar-powered generator alongside your portable solar power panel. This will always ensure your solar power generates electricity day and night during camping.

2.) Thermoelectric generator       

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) transforms thermal energy to electrical energy, which you can confidently use to operate a few camping tools. In addition, thermoelectric generators are advantageous because you can utilize them in the camps and wilderness, more so when lighting a campfire during the night. And, it especially works if you light a fire using coal. 

There's a variety of these generators, and they're manufactured in numerous models. Some of these thermoelectric generators generate five to 12 watts, which is excellent for operating LED lights and light devices. These are also magnificent for charging mobile phones. On the other hand, some models of thermoelectric generators can generate up to 15 watts of power and store it for later use.

3.) Portable Power Stations       

If you’re a fan of camping, there's no doubt that portable power stations are an incredible way to ensure you always have power. These devices are huge power banks, which require you to charge them up before you embark on your camping trip. Portable power stations can potentially serve you for a few days that you'll be on your camping trip. 

Furthermore, they feature numerous power sockets with USB-C ports, pin plug UK sockets, 12V sockets, and USB ports, among many others. Generally, a portable power station with 100WH of power can charge devices such as a laptop twice and phone at least ten times. Therefore, consider this when purchasing a portable power station that suits your needs and demands.


4.) 12-Volt Car Battery       

Another way of getting electricity while camping is by using a 12-volt car battery. You only need to plug into the cigarette lighter of your car and utilize your car battery. This power is exceptional for charging your cell phone, among other small devices. However, ensure you don't overuse it because it can drain your battery charge and disable your car from starting. 

Ensure you purchase a portable volt power source, especially if you're looking forward to utilizing a 12-volt battery similar to your car battery for your power demand. Remember, the 12-volt power source incorporates its outlets and converters. In addition, it has a panel showcasing the amount of charge left for use. Likewise, a few 12-volt power packs can help you jumpstart your car's battery. 


This article has enlightened you on multiple ways of getting electricity while camping. Hopefully, these will help you select the best method that suits your needs and demands. However, whichever option you choose, always consider your own safety, as well as of other people around your camp.