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3 questions with Robin Taylor Murphy, cupcake designer



Have you ever received a cupcake and not smiled? Robin Taylor Murphy, owner of Queen City Cupcakes, believes she's making the world a happier place one cupcake at a time with her custom-made cupcakes. For her, each tiny dessert is a mini-masterpiece.

Creative Loafing: How did you get started in the industry?

Robin Taylor Murphy: I'm a Southern girl and I grew up baking; it was a family thing. I've always loved to bake and cook and stuff like that, even though my career was actually in television. I've worked in CNN and a number of television stations all over the country. But what would happen is I would always be baking stuff at home just for fun and taking it in to work just to get rid of it. A lot of people have suggested to me over the years that I go into baking, and the cupcake craze had started a couple of years ago. I just thought, why not, I love to make them.

Over the past two years, what cupcake design or order stands out to you as the hardest?

A lady called me and she wanted to do cupcakes to take to her daughter's Story Day in her class. She wanted cupcakes to go with a The Cat in the Hat theme. I had to create my own stencil to make a hat and hand-decorate each. It was just an incredible challenge, but it looked adorable. Later on, I found out that I shouldn't be doing that because it's a licensed character; it was a huge learning experience for me. It was also a real challenge to come up with a way to make that hat because she wanted it to stand up on the cupcake and not fall over.

How has your background in TV news helped your current business?

Having worked in 24-hour news, you learn how to think on your feet. I can pull ideas out of nowhere in a second if I have to. I know that comes from my background, being able to really think on the fly, quickly and with good turnaround time.

For more information visit www.queencitycupcakes.

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