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3 questions with Emily Peterson, wine marketer



Emily Peterson promotes a product that enriches with age — wine, of course. She graduated from Davidson College with a degree in biology. Melding her passion for science and design, Peterson became the marketing director of Eric Solomon Selections/European Cellars (located in Charlotte), which imports wine from France and Spain. Her position allows her to enjoy what she loves most in life ­­— besides her family — and that is travel. On her trips through France and Spain, she indulges in good food, good company and, most importantly, great wine.

Creative Loafing: Why did you decide to focus your artistic and creative talents on wine?

Emily Peterson: I got wrapped up and entrenched in the infinite subject of wine and created a self-taught course of study. It is a tremendous multi-disciplinary field of study encompassing traditional subjects such as science (biology and chemistry), sociology, history and languages, with the "fun" things like training of your palate and working with food and wine pairings. But beyond that, what truly drives my passion are the stories of the people and places behind the bottles. I cannot think of a better job than to capture and share those narratives -- visually, orally and in print.

By your standards, what flavors and fragrances should a good bottle of wine have?

Wine is entirely subjective -- it is so very important to remember this. The best bottle of wine for you is the one that tastes good to you. That being said, me personally -- I absolutely drink for the moment and circumstance. Spring is in the air, which means lately I've been gravitating toward 2009 rose wines -- they are fun, fruity and fresh to compliment spring fever. It's also open grilling season (though for us, the season is never really over), which means I like to roll out spicy, earthy reds (grenache!) for the dinner table. And of course with summer approaching, it's time to stock up on some whites with bracing acidity to cool off.

What occupies your time when you're not inventing new ways to market wine?

First and foremost, my immediate family -- I have an amazing 4-year-old son and a husband who cooks the best dinner in town. I love to travel, especially to great culinary destinations. My friends, with all sorts of talents and professions, find common ground over food, laughs and, of course, wine. And cocktails. Don't forget the cocktails.

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