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2009 Annual Horoscope Part 2



All Signs: The beginning of 2009 is actually symbolized by the New Moon of Dec. 27, 2008. Fresh news about more reality will be on the table, along with a renewed enthusiasm toward tackling solutions. The years 2009 through 2012 will not be easy. The cosmic arrangement over these years is a close replica of what astrologers call "The Depression T square." The road to recovery requires significant patience and adaptability from each of us. It will alter our values and renew our lives. The false god materialism will go underground. Good riddance.

During the first two quarters, a general focus in the news will be about making a fresh commitment to expand our global awareness and develop a more inclusive attitude toward our fellow humans. Class wars in some version may be beginning. As individuals we should be evaluating what beliefs we retain that cause us exclusive postures and promote prejudicial attitudes. In the world arena tensions around economic and resource issues will press us toward searching for favorable communal solutions of age-old problems. During the last quarter we will see the frank evidence of damaged infrastructure. In the latter two quarters the symbols suggest an attitude of "Let's get to work. Let's repair or remove old foundations so that new ones can be built."

It is interesting that Mercury is retrograde during the months of January and early February. What we do best during a Mercury retrograde period are things that begin with the prefix "re-" such as "redo" and "reflect." Among the finest of this planet's retrograde specialties are "repeal" and "rescind." We already know these acts are high on the agenda of President-elect Obama. The other two Mercury retrogrades during this year will be in April through May, followed by September through October. Because the big bailout in September 2008 was forced to a vote on a Mercury retrograde, each of those that follow will require a "return" to issues generated by bailout problems.

We have a Venus retrograde period in February, March and April. This energy occurs about every two years and is best used to reform relationships. It shows us our bad habits so starkly that we beg forgiveness and attempt to begin again. In the world picture, we likely will see the first steps in the direction of restoration of relationships with other countries. It is best we swallow a chunk of humble pie to hold open the doors.

Pluto has finally changed signs and will remain in Capricorn for another 15 years. Pluto digs up the dirt wherever it goes. Its purpose is to show us the truth. While in the sign of Capricorn, the truths will be tied to our government, all corporate bodies and financial institutions. At the end of '08 there were multiple crashes, but those are not yet finished.

Because Capricorn is a sign of the earth, we will be seeing whatever is wrong with the basic structure of any human design or building. It is in Pluto's nature to hang us on meat hooks until we agree to the principle of transformation. Once we accept the changes that are required and do the work, it often presents us with a gift. It might reveal a new source of energy. Another finale will be a totally revised money basis.

It is important to take exceptionally good care of our bodies throughout 2009, in order to have strong immune systems. Symbols suggest a pandemic in 2010, probably airborne. Look for ways that you can protect yourselves personally, rather than depending strictly upon medical doctors who are best at treating pathology. What we need is a thoroughly reinforced body, able to take exposure and not succumb.

The market will continue to be swinging around by its tail. The average citizen will be unable to make any sense of it. Consult those you trust if you must make new purchases. Otherwise, wait it out for about four years. As an astrologer, I find it amusing that only one year after Pluto was "demoted" in August '06, its motion began to represent wild gyrations in the stock market. I recognize my own anthropomorphism here, but it's just too easy to think of Pluto as returning a "gotcha" for its 2006 insult.

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