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2005 Annual Horoscope

Theme: Healing Our Wounds


For All Signs:

We have a chironic theme for the year, which began last summer and will continue through June 2006. Chiron was the original wounded healer in mythology. Throughout this time, old emotional issues may be brought to consciousness and we will be pressed to search out solutions. We can no longer pretend the baggage is not there and we cannot successfully blame others for its cause. Many will struggle with the root fear of abandonment. The Inner Critic will attack the self in vicious tirades or may act as a toxin, poisoning the atmosphere outside with name-calling and fear mongering. If you hear one individual attacking another, you hear someone who is avoiding his/her own pain. The theme of Chiron is about feeling just enough ache to seek relief that truly works. It teaches true compassion for oneself and others, thus allowing for genuine forgiveness.

There will be two eclipse seasons during '05. Both periods represent times of critical mass, when we have no choice but to look at the facts, for good or ill. The prime target of the eclipses this year is relationship. April and October are the fulcrum months. There are beneficent forces favoring love and romance through October, so the eclipses allow not only conflict, but also love to surface.

The economy will probably show signs of gradual improvement, at least according to various economic indicators. Prepare now for a recessionary trend that may begin in August, but more clearly sharpens in the last quarter and continues through much of '06.

Aries Jupiter has been in your 7th house of partnerships since October of '04 and continues through October 2005. This year which may bring a marriage or a business with another. Those already betrothed will be finding new ways to enjoy the relationship. A few will decide they need freedom to depart.

Through July you will be completing projects related to aging property and family. By August you will be thinking more deeply about the subject of children and may prefer not to parent at this time. Those who already have children will be attending to their issues and development.

Beginning mid-August through December your normally driving energy will be decelerating. Focus attention on preserving funds now. It is not a good time to start big projects. Pay attention to the messages around you and respond as required.

Taurus During the first six months you are completing projects in the arena of communications that began about two years ago. You may have been attending an educational program. Maybe you have been required to develop the efficiency of your language and communications processing. This particular cycle of Saturn often brings a "new language" of some type to learn, with a challenging vocabulary. From July forward, for approximately 2.5 years, you will be focusing attention on anything around you that is aging, from older people to the household roof.

During the first three quarters, Jupiter, a beneficent energy, is in your 6th house of health, employment, and daily routine. This suggests that you are experiencing improved circumstances in any or all of these areas.

Gemini The last two years have brought challenges into your life concerning finances. Your disposable income has decreased. You may have made a long term investment that uses your extra resources in the short haul. In the last six months you will find that this pressure reducing. From July forward, the fresh challenges will be tied to the area of communications. You will be called upon to learn a new language and to communicate to others with far greater efficiency than you have in the past.

You are ruled by the planet Mercury, the ancient courier of messages. Three times per year Mercury goes retrograde and during these periods circumstances press you to slow down, even if you would rather not. Decisions and forward motion become challenging. The planet will retrograde from March 19 to April 12, between July 22 and August 15, and finally from November 14 to December 3. The best thing to do when it is retrograde is to maintain a sense of humor.

Cancer Saturn has been in your sign for the last two years and will remain so until July. While it has been in Cancer, you have attempted to make your mark in the world, to establish a fresh identity, and this has been a slow moving project. Your sense of direction will be improving as the year progresses. Save your money because you will want to prepare for a significant investment of your resources in '06.

The eclipses are particularly important for the Moon-ruled Cancerians. Eclipse seasons will be in April and October. Your attention will be strongly focused in the areas of property and life direction. Circumstances may seem to require important decisions in these areas. April is confusing, so it is best to wait for October to make final determinations.

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