Visual Arts

15 Year Anniversary Group

When: March 15-May 31 2013

With gallery closings on the rise, we’re especially pleased to announce a reopening. Hidell Brooks Gallery, which closed its doors back in November of 2012 to renovate and expand its quarters, is back in the game with three distinct exhibition spaces and more storage space. The new floorplan is credited to Lindsay Smith — who also designed the gallery back in 1998 — of Dimcheff Smith Studio. To celebrate, Hidell Brooks will be having a reception for its 15 Year Anniversary Group. The exhibit will showcase artwork by 34 different artists of varying styles and mediums. They include works by artist Sherrie Wolf, who combines detailed still lifes with a backdrop of whimsical landscapes, portraiture and scenery; Selena Beaudry, who uses cut-up pieces of painted paper to intricately layer her colorful, funky compositions; and Miranda Lake, who uses wax and collage to create psychedelic nature displays. Katherine Ace, Philip Geiger, Johan Hagaman, David Kroll, Rana Raochet, Amanda Talley, and many others will also be sharing.

Anita Overcash

Price: Free admission


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