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15 People to Watch in 2015

We spent at least 15 minutes with 15 people we think are going to impact Charlotte

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When people visit our offices at the N.C. Music Factory, they usually gush with compliments about what a fantastic space we've got. Indeed, it is pretty awesome: brightly colored walls, creaky hard-wood floors, tall windows that bring in a lot of natural light. Over the years, we've garnered an interesting collection of, well, stuff. Near my desk alone, you'll find a golden cast of a man's hand flipping the bird, a cardboard replica of a tiny house, a hand puppet, a conch shell and a periwinkle Tyrannosaurus Rex. It's the perfect space for a photo shoot. Or 15.

For this week's edition, we're featuring 15 (well, technically, 16) people to watch in Charlotte this year. They range from the city's new economic development guy (who'll have his hands in projects relating to the development of the Bojangles' Coliseum area and former Eastland Mall) to a same-sex couple who created their own website to document their wedding planning adventure (especially helpful for other same-sex couples who want to know what vendors out there are, or aren't, supportive of gay marriage). We spent at least 15 minutes getting to know their stories, and offer them to you in the pages that follow, accompanied by photos of them hanging out in our offices. (Only one guy chose not to come hang out with us. Because he's a city official, we let him off the hook.)

We think these folks are going to impact Charlotte, and we think you, dear readers, should keep your eye on them. We sure will.

Also, be sure to check out a short, fun video we put together, featuring 15 seconds with each of the interviewees.